SSOT Clinical Teaching Award
For the SSOT member who has provided outstanding training and guidance during clinical placements.

SSOT Clinical Training Award
The Clinical Training Award is given to the graduated student, who has shown exceptional qualities and outstanding performance in his or her fieldwork placements for the previous year.

SSOT Outstanding Contributions to the Community

This award is given for indirect utilization of occupational therapy skills for a community service.

SSOT Outstanding Contributions to the Society
This award is given for direct involvement with the Saskatchewan Society of Occupational Therapists and/or the Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists on behalf of the Saskatchewan Society of Occupational Therapists.

SSOT Outstanding Contributions to the Profession of Occupational Therapy.
This award is given for direct professional involvement through endeavors in the workplace, consulting, continuing education, professional education, and/or public relations endeavors in relation to the profession.

SSOT/CAOT Citation Award

This award is to acknowledge the contribution/accomplishment to the health and well-being of Canadians of an agency, program and/or individual within Saskatchewan who is not an occupational therapist.

SSOT Life Membership

This award is granted by the SSOT Council in recognition of outstanding service to occupational therapy in Saskatchewan.


Each year there are a minimum of two province wide activities: the annual general meeting and education day; and celebrations of occupational therapy week. Some years additional events are held such as OT Fun Run (see photo)


At a September 1966, members discussed the need for a newsletter. On November 19th, 1966, the first newsletter was circulated in the form of the annual report.

In 2010 a newsletter (NEWSSOT) is published six times annually. There has been one special historical issue of NEWSSOT. This was the July/August 2005 NEWSSOT which was a “Saskatchewan Centennial” issue and contained the following historical articles:

  • The Saskatchewan Saga – Story about efforts to get OT School

  • SSOT The Changing Face of the Organization 1965-1995

  • “Special Course” in Occupational Therapy: 1959-1969

  • Descriptions of the 3 CAOT Conferences hosted by SSOT

  • TV commercial story

  • Reminiscences of the Development of Occupational Therapy at Wascana Rehabilitation Centre and in Regina

About occupational therapy brochure (2008)