There have been four distinct phases in the evolution of the organization of Saskatchewan occupational therapists since 1955:

Sept 23rd, 1955

Saskatchewan Association of Occupational Therapy (Note: In subsequent meeting minutes the name was not consistent i.e. sometimes reference made to “therapists” sometimes to “society”. The stated purpose was: “…to promote the interest of Occupational Therapy here in Saskatchewan.” It was originally intended to be a place where Saskatchewan based CAOT members could come together, in later minutes there is discussion about allowing non-CAOT member occupational therapists to join.

November 5th, 1965

The Saskatchewan Society of Occupational Therapists incorporated under the Societies Act 1959. This organization had five objectives:
a. To maintain an organization
b. To represent members
c. To establish and maintain standards
d. To operate a registry of members
e. To protect title

April 16th, 1971

An Act respecting the practice of occupational therapy was passed which was to come into effect July 1, 1971. The establishment of this act made Saskatchewan one of the first provinces in Canada to license Occupational Therapists. This established a second Saskatchewan Society of Occupational Therapists. It was only after a two year period that the occupational therapists realized the need to abolish one of these organizations! On Sept 15th, 1973, Saskatchewan occupational therapists passed a motion that the Saskatchewan Society which was created in 1965 be: formally dissolved and that all assets be paid into the account of the new S.S.O.T., that was incorporated by the 1971 Act respecting the Profession of O.T.

August 15, 1997

Chapter 0-1.11, An Act respecting Occupational Therapists became law and replaced the 1971 Act. The Act specified that the organization set up by the 1971 Act “…is to be continued as a corporation.” Thus the actual Saskatchewan Society of Occupational Therapists was maintained though it now had a whole new set of parameters for its organization and purpose. Saskatchewan therapists were given the ability to practice independently and had a corresponding increased focus on the regulation of practice and disciplinary matters.

Centennial edition of the NewSSOT- August 2005
Correction to: NewSSOT – The Changing Face of the Organization: 1965 – 1995 By Margaret Tompson

Mission: To protect the public through quality regulation of Occupational Therapy practice in Saskatchewan; to support the continuing competence of our members; and to promote awareness of Occupational Therapy Services

Vision: To ensure that all Occupational Therapy services are promoting the function and independence of Saskatchewan residents.

a. Regulation
b. Professional Development of Members
c. Promotion and Enhancement of the Profession

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