British Columbia Society of occupational therapists


Established in the late 1940s, BCSOT started out as a branch of the Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists. Because health care issues are handled by the provincial government, over time it seemed useful to become independent. By 1988, BCSOT was the registering body for occupational therapists who wished to use the registered title “Registered Occupational Therapist (BC).” BCSOT had actively pursued the establishment of a College of Occupational Therapists of BC, and this finally occurred in 1998, with the College taking over all regulation of the profession in July of 2000. Since then BCSOT has become the BC-based voluntary membership organization in the province, with approximately one-third of the occupational therapists registered in BC as members.



Les Smith- 2010
Hilary Drummond- 2008-2010

Suzanne Bruton-2005-2008

Giovanna Boniface and Sarabjeet Charchun 2000-2005


BCSOT Mission

BCSOT will be the leader in enabling occupational therapists in BC to achieve excellence in practice and the leader in promoting a healthy and vital profession in BC.

BCSOT Positioning Statement

BCSOT is a responsive and accessible organization which represents the interests of occupational therapists to government, media, clients and the other publics within the province of British Columbia, and is a key provider of professional development opportunities for its members.

BCSOT Strategy Statement

BCSOT will:

  • Deliver products and services to meet the unique needs of British Columbia members and serve the British Columbia occupational therapy market better than any other organization.

  • Concentrate on the key services identified as important to the membership.

  • Be fiscally responsible in the delivery of key services and in activities that do not generate revenue.



“BCSOT will be the leader in enabling occupational therapists in British Columbia to achieve excellence and in promoting a healthy and vital profession.


To support its members in being recognized, valued and respected as vital partners in the promotion of health, occupation and full participation in life for British Columbians.”

Strategic Goals

Commitment - Grow the membership
Connection - Engage the membership
Communication - Inform the membership

Board Members

Tracy Berry - Fraser Valley
Naomi Dolgoy - UBC 2nd year student representative
Hilary Drummond - Past President, Thompson-Okanagan-Kootenays
Mair Edwards - Vancouver Island
Mary Glasgow Brown - Vancouver
Salim Janmohamed - Vancouver
Danielle Rae - UBC 1st year student representative
Les Smith - President, North, President
Sohila Sohoolian - Secretary-Treasurer, Vancouver
Lynnda Swan - Thompson-Okanagan-Kootenays

Outstanding OT of the Year Recipients


1985 - Joanne Stan
1986 - Barbara Saunders
1987 - Sue Iles
1988 - Juliet Schoonderwoert
1989 - Barbara ten Hoop
1990 - Cara Shorter
1991 - Sue Stanton
1992 - Kim Calsaferri
1993 - Ginny Fearing
1994 - Catherine Backman
1995 - Ann Finlay
1996 - Sue Oeltjen
1997 - Jill Rihela
1998 - Barbara Parson
1999 - Jo Clark
2000 - Sandra Bressler
2001 - Nancy Lethwaite
2002 - Krita Carwana and Jo-Anne Chisholm
2003 - Jillian Blair
2004 - Melinda Suto
2005 - Bill Miller
2006 - Alison McLean
2007 - Kathy Corbett
2008 - John Cobb
2009 - Donna Drynan

Honorary Life Members

Bridget Duckworth
Virginia Fearing
Beverly McConnell
Harold Robinson
Shirley Salomon
Maureen Thiel

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