... the value of oral histories to the profession of occupational therapy with the belief that oral histories offer avenues of understanding to the historically situated social dynamics that interact to shape our profession. As such, oral history collections have relevance for current challenges and future directions of occupational therapy. The value of oral history as an inquiry method, however, is best understood within an appreciation for the value of historical research.

Barry Trentham

excerpt from Occupational Therapy Now 13.1
The value of oral histories to the occupational therapy profession

Isobel Robinson by Judith friedland

Huberdine “Dina” Brecknell by Erin Soltys and Shawna Ryan


Occupational Life Narratives of Occupational Therapists

Helen Primrose Levesconte oral history. It was taken at the University of Toronto in 1975 and digitized into an MP3. (Courtesy of the University of Toronto Archives and Records Management Services – Library Oral History Collection, Helen Levesconte Interview, B1976-0008).

Elaine May by By Keely Bujold

Karen Goldenberg by Aya Ortal, Jane Davis, and Barry Trentham

Mary Noad by Leanne Layzell, Barry Trentham, and Jane Davis

Pat Fisher by Lynn Cockburn and Judith Friedland