November / novembre 1986


Geraldine Moore

Canadian Occupational Therapy Foundation

The Canadian Perspective: 1926-1986

Guest Editorial

H.M. Madill, E.S. Brintnell, I.M. Robinson and M.T. Cardwell

The Status of Occupational Therapy in Canada

Norman L. Burnette

The Thirties

Expanding Fields of Occupational Therapy

Helen P. LeVesconte

Presidential Address

Goldwin Howland

The Forties

Occupational Therapy across Canada

Goldwin Howland

The Fifties and Sixties

The Rehabilitation Era: Friend or Foe

E.S. Brintnell, M.T. Cardwell, I.M. Robinson and H.M. Madill

The Neglected Phase of Rehabilitation

Sister Jean de la Charité

The Seventies

The Scope for Occupational Therapists in the Community in the Future

Stella W. Tate

The Eighties and Beyond

Old Themes, New Directions: Occupational Therapy in the 21st Century

H.M. Madill, M.T. Cardwell, I.M. Robinson and E.S. Brintnell