History of the Canadian Guidelines

CAOT has a long history of working together with members to provide a vision for the conceptual grounding, processes and outcomes of occupational therapy in Canada.

This vision was first articulated in the Guidelines for Client-Centred Practice published in 1983, 1986 & 1987 & consolidated in 1991, followed by the Occupational Therapy Guidelines for Client-Centred Mental Health Practice in 1993. Then in 1997 with the introduction of Enabling Occupation: An Occupational Therapy Perspective, re-printed with an updating Preface in 2002.

These publications have been integral to guide Canadian occupational therapy practice and as well, are now used in many countries around the world.

The 2007 publication is entitled, Enabling Occupation II: Advancing an Occupational Therapy Vision for Health, Well-being, & Justice through Occupation was launched in July 2007 in St John’s Newfoundland. A second edition of Enabling Occupation II was launched in Victoria BC in 2013. These texts are available through CAOT’s online store at www.caot.ca

Occupational Therapy Guidelines for
Client-Centered Practice

1983 (concepts, process, assessment)
1986 (intervention)
1987 (outcomes)

1991 (Consolidated)

1993 (Mental Health)


Enabling Occupation: An Occupational Therapy Perspective
– 1997, 2002 (with Updated Preface)

Enabling Occupation II (2007, 2013)