Occupational Therapy Now, CAOT's practice magazine launched in January 1999. Articles appeal to anyone with an interest in occupation and its impact on health: health care practitioners, consumers, policy and decision makers and members of the general public from around the world.

In The Beginning CAOT from 1926-1939

Judith Friedland, Isobel Robinson, Thelma Cardwell

Occupational Therapy Now • January/ February 2001

The greater the barrier, the greater the success   CAOT During The 1940’s

Lynn Cockburn

Occupational Therapy Now • March/ April 2001

The professional era CAOT in the 1950’S & 1960’s

Lynn Cockburn

Occupational Therapy Now •  May/June 2001

Change, expansion and reorganization CAOT in the 1970’s

Lynn Cockburn

Occupational Therapy Now • July/ August 2001

Diffident no longer: Building structures for a proud profession CAOT in the 1980’s

Barry Trentham

Occupational Therapy Now • September/ October 2001

Prospering through change  CAOT from 1991 to 2001

Mary Clark Green, Michelle Lertvilai, Kammie Bribriesco

Occupational Therapy Now • November/ December 2001


Occupational Therapy Now vol. 13 (1)


Editorial: Celebrating the 85th anniversary of CAOT
Brenda McGibbon Lammi

Occupational therapy: The foundations, the changes, the future
Sue Baptiste

Reflections on the past ten years of occupational therapy in Canada
Lynn Cockburn

CAOT National Office: A personal reflection
Claudia von Zweck, CAOT Executive Director

The value of oral histories to the occupational therapy profession
Barry Trentham

Jessie Luther: A pioneer of social justice
Brenda Head and Judith Friedland

Helen Primrose LeVesconte: Honouring an occupational therapy pioneer
Judith Friedland

The World Federation of Occupational Therapists and the Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists: A collaborative venture
Anne Carswell