This is the first, publication of CJOT's column entitled "The National Perspective". It is intended that this column will provide a forum for prominent members of the profession to discuss topics of national importance. It is anticipated that the subject matters dealt with will relate to the future development of the profession...

Geraldine Moore

June 1986

Change: Crisis or challenge

By Helen M Madill June 1986

Educating for the Future
By Joyce R MacKinnon 1987

Standards for Practice in Occupational Therapy: We Do Need Them
By Thelma Gill 1987

The Guidelines for the Client-Centred Practice of Occupational Therapy: The basis for Practice in Canada

By Thelma Gill, Margaret Brockett April 1987

Clinical Research in Occupational Therapy: Strategies for Development

By Mary Law December 1989

CAOT's Strategic Plan: Is it a Tortoise or a Hare?

By Thelma Gill juin 1989

Health Promotion: An Opportunity for Occupational Therapy

By Jeanette Edwards February 1990

Taking the initiative

By Jacqueline McGarry October 1991

Changing times: Taking stock

By Carole Mirkopoulos December 1992

President's Address

By Jacqueline McGarry October 1992

Recruitment of men in occupational therapy: Past, present and future

By Tim Readman June 1992

Vista '93: Beyond the horizon

By Carole Mirkopoulos October 1993

Agenda for a credible future

By Heather Chilton October 1994

Partners in practice: Riding the waves of change

By Heather Chilton October 1995

Collaborating to Create Important Strategic Partnerships for Occupational Therapy

By Anne Strickland December 1995

Partners in practice: Riding the waves of change              
By Heather Chilton  October  1995

Ensuring educational excellence

By Elizabeth Taylor December 1996

Challenges and opportunities: Meeting the competitive edge

By Heather Chilton August 1996

National perspective, Toward the next millenium

By Sandra Bressler October 1996

CAOT: Guiding you through the right channels

By Sandra Bressler 1997 octobre

Towards developing a flexible health workforce

By Penny Salvatori April 1997

Themes to lead CAOT into the future

By Lorna Reimer 1998

The New Professional - The Nexus of Healthcare Trends

By Katherine Corbett June 1999

Visioning together for Leadership

By Sue Baptiste April 2000

Leadership: It's our future

By Lorna Reimer June 2000

Togther in Action

By Huguette Picard October 2000

Canadian occupational therapy research: The little profession that could

By Mary Egan June 2001

Knowing from whence we came: Reflecting on return-to-work and interpersonal relationships

By Judith Friedland December 2001

The evolution of our occupational perspective: The journey from diversion throught therapeutic use to enablement

By Helene Polatajko October 2001

Preparing occupational therapists for practice today and into the future

By Maureen Coulthard December 2002

Thriving in our changing world

By Mary Manojlovich Ocotobre 2002

Growing through occupation: Courage to move forward

By Huguette Picard June 2002

Capacity and competency, collaboration and communication: A road map for the future

By Diane Méthot October 2004

Understanding our context for occupational therapy practice: A key to strategies for future success

By Claudia von Zweck June 2004